Great to see you citing Liah Greenfeld's work.

Not surprisingly, an analogous argument to the one I make in "Evolutionary Mismatch as a Causal Factor in Adolescent Dysfunction and Mental Illnes,"

As we discussed, I do think that some kind of direction towards more deliberate healthy community will be a big direction in the future as more people realize that our mental health epidemic is caused by the lack of purpose and community. We did not evolve for anomie, to say the least.

Harvard Law professor Elizabeth Bartholet gained national attention recently for articles arguing that there should be a presumptive ban against homeschooling. She argues that “Parents should have a significant burden of justification for a requested exception” in order to homeschooling.

After acknowledging that such a “significant burden for a requested exception” will force many children to attend public schools, she comments:

“Most children will do all right in public schools, even if some of them might do better if homeschooled. And parents will be free to make up at home what their children are not getting at school.”

This is…

Suppose there was a cabal of evil geniuses who decided to force teens into labor camps where 56% were disengaged, 75% had negative feelings, 17% had to be put on psychiatric medications to survive, suicides had increased 300% since the founding of the labor camp system, and there was an annual 20% increase in suicides each fall when they were forced back into the camps. If this was an Apple factory in China, there would be international protests and boycotts. When it was discovered they were actually doing this to children, the company would collapse.

But of course this is…

Image by Aino Tuominen from Pixabay

“In the 1990s, about 40 young elephants were taken a few hundred miles closer to Johannesburg . . .

The male elephants that had been transferred became unusually violent. They were attacking each other much more frequently, sometimes attacking people, pushing cars off the road (which, in a tourist center, is more than a little concerning), but most of all, rebuffed by older females, they were going after female white rhinos, the largest available pachyderm in the neighborhood, and raping them. Then killing them.

The New York Times reported that in one month in Pilanesberg Park, officials “shot three young…


1. With 2500 years’ hindsight, the most distinctive aspect of Socratic dialogue, implicit in much of the Platonic corpus and to some extent in other Greek texts (e.g. Antigone), is the Socratic expectation that we should engage in a dialectic in which we all work towards consistency and coherence of our beliefs regardless of the possibly corrosive effects of such a process on existing standards of epistemological and social authority.

2. The most distinctive net positive contribution of western civilization is the Socratic norm of mutual rationality as described above:

A. When combined with the empiricism of Bacon and…

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Alan Kay

School Design #1: A massive online virtual reality role-playing game (RPG)
that allows travel through time and space. Students who want a “history credit” spend time traveling in particular periods, in which to succeed they have to demonstrate critical knowledge of the historical periods involved. To earn the cash credits that they need to travel through time and space, they need to complete various units in math and science; advanced students can become wealthy entrepreneurs in the virtual world by creating new technical innovations. Students interact with…

Maria Montessori believed that the approach to education that she created would revolutionize society. The first chapter of The Montessori Method, published in 1912, in which Maria Montessori first states the goals and principles of her pedagogy, ends with a quotation from the anthropologist Giuseppi Sergi:

Sergi says truly: “To-day an urgent need imposes itself upon society: the reconstruction of methods in education and instruction, and he who fights for this cause, fights for human regeneration.”

Montessori believed that her method would revolutionize the world by liberating humanity. She believed that the existing pedagogy of her time amounted to slavery:

Part I: Introduction

Many parents are rightly dissatisfied with their local schools, and yet they cannot afford to pay for an expensive private education. Are they therefore doomed to watch their child suffer a mediocre education year after year, foreclosing life options with each year in which their child is not encouraged to flourish?

Not at all. For many parents and many children it is not that difficult to create at home a world-class private education for less than $3,000 per year. I focus on elite college admissions as one standard metric of “world-class private education.” That said, the underlying…

Michael Strong

Be the Solution:How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the World's Problems, creator of startup cities and schools, see

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